DH at Martock or Wentworth

Maybe we could get Martock or Wentworth to open a DH facility!!


A lovely idea, but don’t hold your breath.


A boy can dream right :rofl:

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The 90’s wants your ideas back.


DH was great at Wentworrh in the 2000’s I dont see why it couldn’t be great once again.
Have you even been a part of the actual DH scene years ago?


Not really part of the scene, but I did the DH races at Martock a few times with my hardtail and didn’t come last. Was such a great location for mountain biking in general. Parking, close to the city, facilities, hill.

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Martock would be the Ultimate location IMO for a DH scene and or Enduro riders. Sugarloaf is not a massive hill but it’s tons of fun and it gets riders from all over.
It’s nice to have options.


Yeah that would be amazing even if it was shutting for the first little bit then if trhey got the money run the chair

Enduro The Hostel. Its free and builds character :wink:

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The old DH bike is a slug climbing the hostel but I have ridden it and will continue. It’s a bit far from the city tho.


There is a long story behind DH at both the Wentworth and Martock hills.

One thing for sure is that there will not be any DH, XC or biking/hiking of any sort on Martock land in the foreseeable future due to liability insurance costs.

From what I’ve heard, there is little to no chance to having DH at the wentworth hill either.

Behind the hostel at Wentworth is the closest you’ll get in either area. It is lots of fun, and climbing builds character!

Keppoch is epic, and of course the drive to Sugarloaf in NB is always worth it.


Is it possible to shuttle the hostel?

@Evan29 Not really, the way it’s laid out you park at the train tracks and bike up, ride down, repeat. You could shuttle the lower half of MK Ultra, but that’s really it

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Sending it off huge jumps without climbing also builds character :slight_smile:
Hitting Keppoch again this weekend and we usually do an annual Sugarloaf run every season. Not to mention the 10 day BC gravity trip next month.
I dont get time away from being a Dad often but when I do, I’d prefer that time not be spent pedaling uphill.
I understand that’s the reality we are currently faced with.


Martock and Wentworth folks probably enjoy the downtime during the non ski season. For the handful of people who would go there on the weekend it would never be worth their time or money.

I don’t understand why Gregor from Wentworth would be involved if they didn’t want some sort of MTB there.

From my conversations with him it seemed to me that they might be fishing for an external operator to operare a truck shuttle there. :man_shrugging:


*Searches pinkbike for an XL downhiller.

@JeffV ive pitched him…we can talk about it at a Tuesday ride.


Hmm… I wonder about this. I haven’t ridden the hostel trails in years (maybe this summer), but when I did, my regular route came out on a dirt road at the top. Perhaps it would be possible to shuttle up there?

I think this is the spot I used to come up to from the hostel.
I’ve never driven this road, so I don’t know if it’s accessible or on private property.