DH bike suggestions

PS if you want to come ride some DH in the Valley PM me for a tour of our local trails. I can lend you my Demo 8 for a lap or two so you can feel the differeance a full on dh race bike makes.


I’ve got a trail bike now, and it’s been good for Skull, Wrandees, Whopper, and Evil Birch. But now I’m looking to get into DH. I’m new to NS so I’m unfamiliar with the local tracks and conditions. What sort of bike do people recommend for light DH? Without much options for lifts/shuttles, do you end up pedalling (or pushing) a whole lot? Does that warrant a burly build of an AM frame, or does the terrain call for a FR/DH bike?

Thanks, Pete

imo a 5-6 inxh travel bike would suffice for much around here… if you are looking for a dedicated DH bike, and like drops, all the time… get one… there is really no compromise. there is always options for up-lift days, however those are few, always push-up days, and always sweet jumps and drops. :wink:

I would suggest an All Mountain. Perfect all 'round bike for these parts. As VW said, 6" or so is all you need…

If you want to ride DH and do it at a high level you don’t just want a proper DH bike you pretty much need one. The DH scene in Atlantic Canada is fairly small but there are pockets of great riding to be had, and if you are interested in racing you won’t stand a chance on a trail bike once you get beyond the Sport Class.