DHI World Championship

Anyone else see the World’s yesterday?

Neko’s run was off the chain!!.. lol

Seriously, it was insane that he could put down such an awesome time after his chain snapped coming out of the gate… crazy!

Great World Champ race… hope Ratboy didn’t actually break his ankle on that huge jump to flat.


We watched the DH competition from pinkbike last night and that was insane how he could finsh that ride without a chain and stay in the hotseat for so long. I believe he was going so fast because he couldn’t break much. If he did he would have lost momentum. The announcers were freaking out. The other unbelievable ride was Rat Boy clearing that bridge, and unfortunately breaking his ankle. We watched his GoPro video from his ride and had heard he cleared the bridge and broke his ankle, but to see it from the broadcast camera angle was sick!! What a technical course that was. Alot of mechanicals and falls.