DMR DeathGrip

Has anyone seen DMR DeathGrips in stock at any local LBS?
I’d like to buy local before ordering up a set. Thanks!

Have you used these grips?
I was not a fan at all. Wore through them in a month. But they are insanely grippy.

I have not.
There are two versions from what I can tell. DeathGrip and DeathGrip Race, the Race being the super soft and tacky model. Do you know which compound you had?

I’m running OneUp grips now and they are ok, but really not good with gloveless riding. I also find that I wear them out quickly. I’ve read that the DMR grips are good for riders who dont wear gloves.

Honestly cant recall the compound, but can confirm they would be decent for gloveless.

I ride gloveless mostly with chromag grips and have zero complaints. Fair pricing, Long lasting, great compound and high dexterity.

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Which chromags are you running @Enduro_Performance?

Thanks for the feedback.

The Format.

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My favorite grips hands down. Probikekit usually has them in stock.

Its saying they have stock. They do wear out quickly but i haven’t really found anything i like as much as them. Run them on my enduro and dirt jump bikes.


I run death grips on my Enduro. They work for me.


Have used mine for 2 years now. Very minimal wear from my experience. Unreal grip but soft enough to help with arm pump.

Highly recommend.

Edit * Mine have many less hours then @JOsh does on his. He may be more accurate on wear and tear.


They have at least one pair at Bike Monkey in Truro. I didn’t scope the price.

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