Do you think 10 million is too much?

Thank you.

Halifax Mayor Peter Kelly seems to think that 10 million is more than the city can afford to protect the Blue Mountain/ Bayer’s Lake wilderness area (including most of Whopper). The proposed park would have been the largest municipal park in the country. How is that a bad investment? Read more hereand let’s hear what you think.

Long Lake Provincial Park 2100 hectares of protected

A five minute bicycle ride from Blue Mountain and physically
closer to downtown Halifax than Blue Mountain.

Already paid for and under the financial responsibility of the
Provincial Gov’t (ie, the city doesn’t have to pay a cent to
improve/modify/maintain it).

Sorry, spend my tax money elsewhere, develop it for rich folk’s
nice houses for all I care.

Yup, I guess we might as well let Whopper go to the wolves. There are too many trails to maintain in HRM anyway.

Good response.

As long as we’re living in dreamworld I vote that the provincial
gov’t give 10 million to martock and 10 million to Wentworth so
they can build ‘bike parks’ every bit as good as on the west
coast. Its only money, and theres got to be at least 60 some odd
bikers who will use the facilities.

The city has no money. Think about it.

Get the EAC to buy it if it means that much to you.

I feel safer with this land in Provincial government hands. If HRM gets their mits on it, I guaranty you they will develop a significant portion of the area into more urban sprawl. The basic fact that there doesn’t appear to be a plan for this area in the Regional Plan is proof that the intention to preserve this land or develop it into a park is NON EXISTENT!

The majority of our glitzy trails here in the HRM are maintained by community groups who acquire money for maintenance projects from municipal, provincial and private grants. HRM only coughs up a little cash for maintenance of these trails, and they really aren’t too expensive to keep. Our crappier trails don’t tend to get any attention at all.

The city has money. It just spends it very poorly.