Downeaster Race - PEI

This race doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It is a 4 hour race in PEI on the Beck Trails.

Although I’ve never been, I do plan on attending this year. It is on October 25th this year. Who’s thinking of going?

Never heard of it until just now but looks very interesting… I would consider it, although probably in a team format…

I plan on attending , I would be open to a team. I was there last year It was a great time . easy to get to . It is near the ferry

Was planning on attending this and just happened to look at the website tonight and event has been cancelled for this year, which bums me out, as I was looking forward to giving it a go…

I was wondering about it. The website had not been updated and thought there was something funky going on. Very unfortunate.

There’s now a big ol’ group ride planned in lieu of this race. Sunday Oct 26th, same location. … er_invited