Driving the car to a spot for a cold ride

When you are in your car going to the trail head and its say -10c out… do you run the heat in your car, or do you turn it down to try to get acclimated to the outside temperature?

Heat on. I don’t acclimatize to the cold at all. When I hit the cold air it’s just a countdown until freezing, so I try to stay warm until the last minute. Just have to dress properly and keep moving to stay warm in the very cold. I find, riding around 1c-9c in the wet much worse than riding at -10c in the snow though.

When I’d for a ride in cold weather, whether inside the house or in the car, I get myself nice and toasty before heading out, and that way I don’t get chilled before getting warmed up from riding. For example, I’d finish my coffee/snack dressed and ready to go for a few minutes before actually heading out. Plus the chilly air kinda feels nice after being too warm.

I’ve actually done the opposite and really out (40+ with humidex) days by cranking the AC in the car. And when I thought ahead, I’d have a frozen water melon in a cooler waiting for me and my riding buddies in the car for after the ride :smiley:

I’ve thought of this before, wondering if what I do is a good idea or not…heat on, including heated seat to keep my butt warm. I’d rather be warm before I start riding, rather then start out cold/chilly, and possibly never shake off the chill during the ride.

Ya’ll make some good points. I’m always weary that when I exect my warmth-cocoon, there will be some schmuck that needs to do 19 minutes of pre ride brake tuning bullshit he should have done at home that will freeze my arse off before I ride :slight_smile:

Not so much winter riding this season, but in the past I always made sure I was toasty as hell before setting off on the bike. Something weird I discovered was that the chewing of gum during the transition from car to mounting the bike seemed to distract from the climate change.

I tend to keep things a little on the cool side . . . less of a shock when I get out. However 10 minutes into the ride I’m usually warmed up.

Now . . . the freezing water bottle is another issue.

I take the Spinal Tap approach, my car heater… goes to 11.

I fill my water bottle with steaming hot water. It’s good for 1.5 hours in -10C before it starts to freeze. The best part is that early in the ride (when you’re cold) you get a warm drink, and late in the ride (when you’re warm) you get a cold drink. Win/win.

A couple of drops of your favorite hard liquor keeps the bottle from freezing, and helps you stay warm on the ride. Plus it also makes you believe you are better than you are!!

for me it’s heat on full to the feet to try and get some warmth into them before riding but at the same time i will drop the windows and start to adjust to the cold