Dropper issue

Having issues with the trans x dropper that came in my Kona Process. The dropper will go down easy but is slow to come up and won’t go all the way up with having to grab and pull it the rest of the way. I have taken it apart and cleaned it up but still having the issue.

Any ideas what could cause it?

Possible over torqued at the seat post collar
Possibly requires air from a shock pump if it has the option to do so.

Also check and ensure your cable housing the seatpost and lever is not obstructed.


Yeah it’s just a cheapo one so there’s now place to add air unfortunately

Check under the seat post clamps.

If your seatpost clamp isn’t too tight then it sounds like the cartridge is shot and will need to be replace.


Loosened the seat post clamp and seems to be working better now. But it less then the torque spec the clamp has on it now