Dropper posts

I’m thinking about getting a dropper post, it will almost cerainly be a Gravity Dropper Decender with 4" drop because of their reputation for bombproof reliability, but I’m also limited to 27.2mm and GD has the lowest claimed weight of any dropper at 376g.

I’d be interested to hear who’s riding a dropper and what they think of it as far as how it changes your riding. What about remote activation, is it worth the extra $$ to have?

Yes they are great! One of the great features of my new bike. Definitely recommend. The one I have is a specialized version and thus far works perfectly and was very easy to set up.

I picked up a used Reverb on Pinkbike. It was a bit of an impulse buy but I love it. It makes riding some of the steeper sections of trail much more fun. I like to ride with my seat high like an xc rider so being able to quickly drop it for steeps is great. It’s slowing down a bit in the cold but that’s to be expected. I have a right hand trigger that fits nicely under the bar on the left hand side.

Best thing ever… I adjust my dropper more than I change gears. Have been using a X-Fusion Hilo 27.2 for a couple of seasons with no issues.

I’m on my second season with a 5" travel KS LEV. It’s worked great. I love being able to adjust on the fly.

Forgot to mention- yes remote is the way to go. Initially tried my Hilo with the under seat lever and while it worked fine, having remote control to adjust without taking my hand off the bars is 100x better, no question- go remote.