Durable bike pants?

Hey folks, is there anywhere local that sells enduro style pants? Insulated is a plus. I’d love to have a pair for colder weather riding - something durable enough to withstand a potential crash without being torn to shreds, and loose enough in the knee/thigh area to wear pads underneath.

I know several companies make them and sell them online, but buying clothing online is always a gamble and I’d rather buy local.

Likewise if there’s a non-bike brand alternative that anybody uses, I’d love to hear your recommendations.

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I am using NF and they are a solid product.

If your looking for a better price point/local Callus Moto are making some pants. I have no experience with them but I would assume they get the job done based on who is using them.

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Another vote for Callus in Truro.
You can try on stuff in their warehouse if you aren’t sure and can make it to Truro. Shoot them a message, they are pretty quick to respond.


Another for callous… i have their stealth pant their great and $40-50 less than fox pants

I believe their launchint a new style today too… the two existing ones were really low on sizes last week

Dont get me wront fox makes great products… just gotta factor in personal budgets at times when buying gear…

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Awesome, thanks for the suggestions! Truro isnt too far of a drive so I’ll check Callus out. Tbh I’ve seen their name around but had no clue they made apparel.

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If you’re also looking for waterproof or insulated features Fox makes several models that elevate them above a basic pant in the FlexAir, Ranger and Defend series. Each series has a slightly different fit to accommodate different styles of riding (more/less pedaling, more/less room for kneeguards, etc). If you don’t need full waterproof they offer more ventilated versions w DWR coatings on the stretch fabric.
A few bucks more than some other pants on the market but features like laser perforations for ventilation, 4-way stretch (versus 2 way micro stretch), sonic welding instead of stitching, partnerships with respected fabric techs like Cordura and Polartec, waterproof zips, etc create a more premium product.
In HRM, Bike Monkey, Cyclesmith and Sportwheels all stock (or can get) these items.


Callus callus callus


Buy callus so you dont get a callous on your ass