E-Bike Conversion kit

Anybody put an e-bike kit on a conventional mountain bike. Looking into converting my old Mountain bike into an electric assist bike. Can someone recommend me one? Looking for any opinions

Hi, I searched on google and found some blogs like best e-bike conversion kit. Which brand will be best? Do you have any suggestions or recommendations?



Have not converted a bike before. We have an e-mtb, but it’s a name brand, not a conversion. Have talked with bike shop staff about e-bikes, and one thing to consider is parts and service support when (not if) something breaks. Can you get parts, or is the kit disposable when something breaks? The bike shops can support the bicycle side of the bike, but their ability to support the e-side is very limited. They may not be able to get parts, and there is likely no documentation or training available to service the electronics and motors, so you may be on your own. Some shops will just refuse to service the e-components, because if they try and fail, the customer will be irate, so it’s just better to let the customer know they’re not able to provide service. They will provide service and warranty support for the bikes they sell, but of course, name brand e-bikes are incredibly expensive, but that’s in part why they’re so expensive.


I’ve seen hundreds of e-bikes and conversions… All those kits on amazon/ebay/alibaba are shit. Save your money and buy a bike with Shimano Steps or Bosch mid drive. At least you’ll have support for a few years until the technology changes.

If you’re set on converting your existing bike the only place worth looking at is Grin Technologies (https://ebikes.ca/) they are not cheap but they have good support and their products are better than most especially regarding batteries.


Those Grin style hub mounted kits are everywhere in New York City. I was there last month and every delivery bike had one. Bloody fast too.

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We used to do a lot of conversions when I worked at MacQueen’s, and we had a lot of success with Bion-X kits, which look like the same style as the Grin hubs.