Eastern Shore

Hey guys

Are there any trails out in the eastern shore area at all?

There are some dirt jumps i think, but I’m not sure about actual trails, I would get trail forks if you haven’t already. Could be useful for finding spots to ride. Good luck.

There’s lots of double track / woods / logging roads / ATV trail and hunting paths all over the eastern shore, but not really any singletrack or purpose built mtb trail, that is publicized in any way. There are some hiking trail systems around, they are often considered “too rough” to ride…and most hiking systems you’re not allowed to get caught biking there.

Someone put up this route in Conrod Settlement: https://www.trailforks.com/route/conrod-settlement/

I’d say look over some maps, make note of dirt roads off the main roads when you see them, grab a GPS, and a buddy, go for some adventures! If you find anything fun or interesting it would be great to hear about it.


Not sure how far out the Eastern Shore you’re thinking about.

Years ago, I explored the dirt roads in the area bounded by Main St., Ross Road, Cole Harbour Road, and the neighborhoods around Auburn High School. I think I went in off of Robert Lane:

I also explored the atv trails on the other side of Ross Road. I went in to the left of the fence by the big green buildings beside Scooter’s Tire Barn:
I followed them up to the neigborhood at Chris Evan Dr., and followed the power lines up to the 107.

There were a couple of old trails listed in Randy Gray’s book that went from Porter’s Lake up to Old Guysborough Rd. One of them might be on Trailforks as the “Old Myra Rd.” trail.

I have also been up in the areas @Rockhopper describes recently. Not really the area I would call the Eastern Shore but whatever.
Many of the trails in there are in decent shape but I would expect to get wet at some point in a bogged out atv rut hole. These trails aren’t really technical but the adventure can be fun. I ride these trails on my oldschool rigid mountain bike with V brakes, feels like early 90’s mtb all over again.

Thanks guys for the ideas. I live in porters lake and just looking for local areas I could explore on days where the wife wont give me time to travel to one of the better trails lol

I’ll definitely try those examples out

I had posted that “trail”. I thought I had taken it down because I got some backlash.
It’s a double-track, some sections are more trail -like, other sections you CAN drive a high-sided vehicle on it.
Not really technical, but good elevation changes.
I’ve built some bridges over the wetter areas.

@Digger Sorry you thought the input you received was backlash, I hope you aren’t discouraged from adding trails in the future. Honestly the gps track you uploaded was very messy, doubled back on itself had some road sections. It should have been separated into several individual trails before uploading. Ultimately the Community Manager for Trailforks decided that your contribution was better represented as a “route” vs a “trail” so they switched it.

The trail is an in-and-out, with a couple of loops, so yes, I did ride back over sections; wouldn’t that be required for a GPS to give directions?
Is the Trailforks website able to edit GPS track so I could remove those sections?
Yes, one will have to ride down a section of residential street at one point to access another trail head.
I guess the terminology is incorrect, route is fine.

There lots of details on the Trailforks help page (https://www.trailforks.com/help/) but this video will probably answer most of your questions:

Ok, I made the edits. It is an out and back but one can take parallel sections that cross the main trail. I had to remove these as I was unable to add a section of trail, all I could do was edit/crop it. However I did state in the description that there are many dead-end off-shoots that will add to the distance.


Your route was fine before but that’s great.

I think fundamentally you are confusing what a trail and a route are. A trail being a path that connects to another trail and/or road. Usually the line between intersections with another trail or road. Whereas a route is a collection of trails and/or routes that comprise of a ride, ridelog, suggested ride or race course.

To add separate trails you would have to upload the same GPS track and edit down to the section you want. On a big trail system with multiple trails and intersections you would have to do this same action for each individual section of trail. Personally I edit GPS tracks into individual trails in Google Earth. When you upload the KML file with multiple trails you can pick the individual trail to add to the database and then minimal editing is needed within Trailforks aside from making sure the trails connect to other trails or roads as applicable.

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