EBike Friendly Trails?

Hey all , so I may have done this backwards - already bought an ebike … I’ve put 400k on it in 3 weeks. Suffice to say I’m a fan…… but I’m reading some sites and limited posts and see that most of the multiusetrails are technically not ok to ride on ? I’d love some input and to download your knowledge on the matter. Specifically around bi-law p-600.

I was really into biking as a kid - everyday , I was in great shape , the best of my life ! But as I close in on 5 decades of life , i’ve got significant knee damage and bone fragments in there and a heart condition that requires me to limit strenuous extended excercise , I typically just use pedal assist level 1 unless I’m hitting a giant hill like pine street it’s truly to allow me to enjoy biking again , I’m kinda bummed out but not surprised our laws and support hasn’t quite caught up to the technology

Some of the trails I used to frequent were Saltmarsh , Shubie, BLT, Dartmouth waterfront.

Any others similarly you would suggest or not based on the fact I have an ebike… ty all !


Just want to say how much I love this! Welcome back to biking, amigo. :tada:

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Ive seen a few people on ebikes at macintosh recently. Didn’t know there was anything against it.

@oldandbroken those trails are all part of the active transportation greenway network which encourages human powered transportation. Electric assist bikes don’t move without some human powered input, unlike bikes with throttles/engines.

I know the BLT trail allows ATVs so it’s hard to believe e-bikes wouldn’t be allowed there, or any of the other active transport trails for that matter.

Have you asked your councillor or one of the community groups that manage the trails to clarify the bylaw?

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Good plan I’ll do that , to be fair , no one has said anything to me , I always slow to a crawl when passing people but I really have no desire to “get into it” with anyone while out trying to get fit and reduce stress lol

I’ve seen tons of people on ebikes on Salt Marsh, BLT and other active transportation type trails. I don’t think you’ll have any issue there. It’s fantastic to see people who otherwise would not be out on bikes enjoying the sport. Just do it.

They are not, however, allowed on the McIntosh Run singletrack trails. Perhaps @Lawrence can let us know if they are permitted on the MRWA community trail.


I have a buddy and all he rides is a ebike on all those trails when were on them. No one has ever said anything to him and if they did your on a ebike no ones catchin ya byeeeee lol

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All the trails you mention, Salt Marsh, Shubie, BLT do allow ebikes and as far as I’m aware Mcintosh was the only trail system in the whole province where bicycles are permitted that specifically stated that ebikes are not permitted. Maybe that’s changed?

Here’s the thing…, no one is checking and there is no enforcement so if you’re not being an idiot the vast majority of people wouldn’t even notice or particularly care that you’re on an ebike. If you don’t give people a reason to complain to authorities and actually have the authorities find you, you’re not going to have any problems.

As far as By-Law P600 is concerned if you’re 500watts or under and have no assist available (including throttle assist) above 30km/h than your bike is “legal”. I would say the vast majority of ebikes I have seen are not actually legal as the throttle still activates the motor above the 30 km/h. But again no one really cares and no one is checking these bikes at point of sale or on the trails.

Enjoy the ride!


Thanks … I think my bafang mid drive has a sticker that says 250w lol

But to your point I think it’s about how you drive it more so that what it’s capable of - I have fast cars too but haven’t got a ticket in decades , so I’ll continue my friendly biker approach and maybe I’ll see some of you around.



Welcome back to biking. its now more popular than ever.
Few tips to follow,
Skids are for squids, and damage trail. avoid dragging rear brakes where possible,
Avoid straight lining trails
For ebikes you may want to limit excessive wheelspin, but maybe not a big issue at 250w,
Watch this & Have fun!


Yeah I don’t think that’s going to be a problem … I’ve long since done away with burn outs too :slight_smile: if I do any skidding it’s by accident now a days ! Thanks !!

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I often wondered this about Mc Run. Their definition says “Motorized vehicles of any kind are not permitted on the trails” but they do not from what I can find, define what that means. Technically, where the bike is powered by a person, but assisted by a motor, it is still a bicycle and not a motorized vehicle, which would instead be self propelled.

So is their intention to keep electric assisted bikes out also? Or just purely electric bikes.

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There’s an e-bike at McIntosh thread here…

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Ah I see.

Should have that information updated to the website also, posted in that thread though.

The thread is two years old though, so it’s possible the policies have changed. @Lawrence would know for sure.

There is technically a similar sign at the beginning of shubie … I suppose it’s only a problem if the people riding there feel it is

I have contacts on the BLT and St. Margaret’s Bay Rails to Trails boards so I emailed them asking about ebikes. From the SMBARTA the response was that there are currently no restrictions against ebikes but unfortunately I haven’t heard back from my friend with the BLT.

I’ve seen eBikes on both trails so I’d say as long as you follow the rules (keep it under 20km/h and use your bell) no one would hassle you.

I personally love the section of the SMBARTA trail from the Hubley trailhead to the Bike and Bean. It’s almost all forest, some nice lake and river views and very little traffic.

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Thanks man - appreciate you checking into it - that’s my plan - keep it going at a reasonable pace , don’t run people over and I’ll doubt there will be a problem.

You could probably do some awesome rides using some of the gravel and fire roads like Old Coach Road and Old Halifax Road. I’ve ridden some of it exploring around and it gets adventurous. Likely much easier on an E-bike. Not proper trails but could be fun nonetheless. They’re on Trailforks if you want to check em out.

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I have a Levo, I have ridden Mac Run, Keppoch, Empire Trails, Minto, Brookvale and a list of others on it. I have not been stopped and told I cannot ride. Without this bike I am not sure I would be biking with my knee injuries.
Happy Biking!