ECMTB Branding

Hey folks,

If we were to make some branding swag what would you like to see?:

business cards

Also, we will need an ECMTB banner for events.

If you have old ECMTB swag could you post a picture of it?

I have one of the old ECMTB hoodies, and a some of the stickers. I will try and post pictures. There may have been a banner at some point, not sure where it would have ended up though.

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That would be awesome, @slider!

I love cool cycling T shirts.

When I’m travelling I try to find the hole-in-the-wall, wrong-side-of-town grungy bike shops and buy their T shirts. Love to get some ECMTB shirts going!


OK, so I dug through the closet and found a couple t-shirts, and snapped a couple pictures of 3 different generations of stickers, newest sticker to oldest sticker.






Water bottles!

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I had a t-shirt like the first t-shirt Slider posted, and a hoodie like the second t-shirt he posted, but they must have been thrown out once they finally wore out as I can’t find them now.

Here is what I do still have though;

ECMTB sticker on my old atomik frame

Explore Jamison Etter

T-shirt from a dirt jump camp (I didn’t think that was nearly 10 years ago!)

Explore Jamison Etter
Explore Jamison Etter

And an ECMTB toque!

Explore Jamison Etter

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