ECMTB Donation Box

I am uploading significant amount of ride picture’s which make me guilty of populating the database to couple of TeraSpaces every so often.Hosting a big website like this cost money and not to include the pain of the Genius master coder upgrading or fixing bugs of this site.

It came across my mind before but i just keep forgetting in opening up the topic and that after post ride beer session iv’e heard it again with @riderx and tony’s discussion.

So i wonder who’s in charge that i am willing and my responsibility to give back and to donate my small amount significant beer budget for an annual or monthly website maintenance support cost or budget for any ECMTB happy riding events in the future. I’m no Richie rich, i’m just a regular redbrownneck immig/asian but at least i can get something started. :slight_smile:



@Thanks, Jesse!

Honestly, you can help by doing what you do now… Join the discussions, post your awesome pictures, buy stickers, t-shirts to spread the word and participate in our events.