ECMTB Epic Road Trip Contest - 2022

#ecmtb_roadtrip Truro Railyard. Thanks to Mike and the rest of the Bike Truro gang for leading our ride. Hadn’t been to Jimolly’s before but it was great, will be back for sure.


@ecmtb_roadtrip, @mtbatlantic

Shoutout to Habaneros for the burger.

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@JeffV I should have a Vagabond Bonus - Sugarloaf/Keji.

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Yes. I’ll add it. Anyone else?

Cheese curds / habanero’s is the bomb!

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Reminder to everyone, you can join any time and all posts go into a draw.

We have one coming up for a draw among posts in June.

:raising_hand_woman: Sugarloaf - Irishmans

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Bonshaw pei #ECMTB_roadtrip

An often overlooked trail with kool features. A guide to get the direction correct is a MUST.

SHOUT OUT to THAI PAD TRUCK on Allen St the cashew chicken extra spicy with brown rice is always excellent and I would have pictures except for 30 km of riding made it necessary to eat too fast. SHOUT OUT to the Blue Goose for the baked goods and also a shout out to Richard’s seafood in Victoria BC before crapo for the excellent lobster sandwich and fries…

Check out my activity on Strava: 30.6 km Mountain Bike Ride on June 22, 2022 by Sizzlerbbq.Com C. on Strava


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Sugarloaf, McIntosh Run Vegabond.


Poley Mtn on the go today w pre-ride coffee at Piccadilly cafe.



Fitz with wet roots and mist.

Greasy Jungle.

#shoutout to Deb’s Hidden Cafe for the post ride treat.



Empire Trails with a big crew.

Thank you Blois family and all the volunteers who keep these trails running great.