ECMTB Fitz Camp-n-Ride - 17 June 2017

Hey all,

We had so much fun at the last three times that I’m doing it again this year!

Where: Fitzpatrick Mountain, Scotsburn
When: 1pm
Difficulty: Intermediate to Enthusiastic Beginner


Ride Fitzpatrick Mountain: 1pm until supper.
You have to ride up at least once to show your stuff but maybe we can get a shuttle happening like last time for an extra ride down.

Let me know what you think!, like always, I’ll be there that’s for sure. – Cheers!

Birchwood Campground
It’s a nice family friendly campground. (I’m already booked with my family and some friends)
10k rails to trails ride from Fitzpatrick.
Covered community eating area.
Swimming pool and Pirate Ship for the kids

PS: Anitra is still adamant that she ain’t cookin’ for y’all, but maybe I can throw a hot dog on the grill for you!

PPS: Feel free to do a day trip and join us on the hill if you don’t feel like camping.

Highlights in the area:
Uncle Leo’s Fine Ale - Pictou (just minutes from Birchwood, brewery only not a pub though)

Pictou County Pizza from Acropole Pizza in Pictou

Smith Rock Chalets - If you don’t feel like camping, get a cabin right on the hill.

There are awesome beaches in the area too. Caribou Provincial park as well.

  • Going, see you there!
  • Wish I could, maybe next time.
  • Maybe, I’ll let you know.

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If you plan to attend, please indicate that you are going above and ensure your profile has the Member Name and Emergency Contact fields filled in.

It is every rider’s responsibility to know their own abilities, make smart decisions and ride safely. As a community ride we will ensure you are not left behind and as a group we know we are safer when we have others with us.

Please pay attention to the trail difficulty posted above.

Shadowfox…only a maybe?

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Alright change to going :laughing:

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I’ll see what I can do about lining up the massage therapist :slight_smile: If nothing else, I will get her to drag along the fancy new guitar for some evening tunes!


If anyone hasn’t been to Fitz before, just go!
Last year was my first time to the trails, and I couldn’t believe how awesome they are.
Totally worth the drive


I’m super excited to go to Fitz again. I haven’t been there in like 10years but it’s where I started mountain biking!

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Talking to a few Pictou peeps this weekend who are planning to come as well. Should be fun.


Almost a month away, book your sites!

I’m confirmed in site #60 again.

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Site Reserved…#52

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Good stuff, @riderx! It’s going to be a good one this year, I think.

This sounds like fun. I have 2 boys - 16 and 10. Are the rides suitable for them and are there any other youth in that age range attending?

I really wish I had a kids suitable component but unfortunately not. I have a 10yo daughter myself and am sure she would not be able to handle the prolonged climb or technical downhill parts.

Depending on the skill level of you 16yo though. Has he/she ridden there before?

We had some teenage Scotsburn locals attend one year but they were familiar with the trails and advanced for their age racers.

Good to know. Thanks. Both are boys and have done a lot of riding and are fairly good on technical but are not fond of long climbs. We rode some of the trails at Keppoch mtn last year and although they did the climb up they did not appreciate it.


Lots of hype! Have to go!


Starting to look like this is going to be a big thing! :grinning:

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Hmm maybe I should call to book my site.
edit Spot is booked for Saturday!

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@Heatherlsca, previous years we’ve had families come down for the camping and then rode with their young riders on some sections of the trail at the same time. The trails are well marked and I can provide the route.

Also, if you start your ride at the top, your older son (Brody?), can join us for the down hill and get a shuttle up again.

We usually ride up Fits trail and then down Blowdown, Sweet Svern, Free Rider, Ella Awesome and out through Maddys and Reindeer Rd. Here is the map:

Also camping with us will be a quite few in the 10yr old range.

Hope to see you there, Cheers!


Thanks for the info. I’ll check out the map of the trails.

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Any one going for the day and want to share the ride? I would pitch in for gas.

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I’m likely going for the ride, and not so much the camp. Still working on logistics.