ECMTB Fitz Camp-n-Ride 2019 - 6th Annual

And looksee, @radchad made a video just to show us how awesome it is there:


@riderx, you the bannerman?

@Rolls has the flag (I think?)

Prefer the banner but flag as backup and maybe to hoist up the mast.

I can do that.

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Hey for those of us starting from the campground what time will we be leaving at?

We will drive from camp ground to trail head. It is 10 mins up the road.

Certainly bikabke too though. There is a rail trail behind the campground that leads to trailhead.

I’m saving myself for the hillthough, lol.

extended version here:


Weather is calling for sunny saturday with high of 26. Phew.

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Anyone riding Sunday? I will be getting a ride in, weather permitting.

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Might get roped into work tommorow but come up to Fitz Sunday at some point.

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Will try to attend sometime, though we are celebrating the youngeons birthday this weekend.

Let me know. I’d like to get out for a ride at Fitz since I will be down that way. Not real picky on time, can always do a pre ride to a ride and meet up.

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Ill keep that in mind. Would love to do the ride tomorrow but striped bass dont take weekends. What time are you thinking?

I have no particular time in mind. Morning would be best for me…

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I might be 15-20min late.

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Uncle Leo’s to pick up some sampler growlers. They gave me a bit of a deal too.

5 flavours to try.


Not going to make the ride…too many family commitments this afternoon


Brutal day! This should be called Annual Fitzpatrick Suffer fest ride! :laughing:

Usual Awesome vibes!

Big thanks to @JeffV and Birchwood Gang.