ECMTB Jerseys - 2nd Order

You’ve seen them on the trails and we are going to start a second order…now!

ecmtb jersey

We will be offering a Short Sleeve version for $50 or Long Sleeve version for $60. Please stipulate which one you would like.

Female fit versions are also available in both short and long sleeve.

High vis orange unisex polyester running tee may not be everyone’s taste, but it really stands out from the pack and is unlike any local shop colors. Added bonus…it will keep you safe during hunting season:) (no pockets or zippers for the most affordable option).

Cost is $50.00 for short sleeve and $60.00 for long sleeve per jersey payable to me via email transfer at Please include your name, jersey size and style in your email.

We would like to place the order by the end of February.

Yes I’d like to buy a jersey in this size:

  • XXS
  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • XXL

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I’m down for another. Will check the size I got last time later as it was perfect fit.

Since I’ve shrunk a little, I should probably order another. Janet was asking about road jerseys. Is that a possibility? What would be the cost?

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I can look into it for sure.

Any chance of a long sleeved option? I’d be down for one of those.

I will look into that as well.


Yup, I’d be in for a long sleeve too. I have a tendency to ride through bushes #stravaline


Is this a UK thing? All the GMBN jersies are long sleeved too.

What have you got up your… nevermind.

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Yes, there is a long sleeve version of the jersey. I am looking at the potential price difference and if minimums are required.

There are female fit jerseys of the same model and there is a ‘classic road jersey’ in female fit. I am looking at the price of that option and if there are minimums that would be required.

I will take a long sleeve jersey pending price. Perfect for hunting season!

Definitely in for a long sleeve pending pricing etc… :slight_smile:

Also interested in long sleeve

Long sleeve for me too.

I’m interested in the long sleeve as well!

Quite possible. This is how I’d normally ride - I’m really just wearing all this fancy sports gear to try and fit in. I’m drawing the line at short sleeves though.



There’s also a woman’s cut.

I know that was requested before. Do you have a link to the long sleeve and womans’s cut jerseys, @riderx? I could not find it easily.

It’s buried deeeep in the Atac website. We are ordering the long and short sleeve “Tech Tee”, available options are here.

The long sleeve jerseys will be $60.00 instead of $50.00