ECMTB Jerseys Are Here!

Last call for jerseys…we will be closing the above poll this Friday Apr 28th so that we can place the order this week. Delivery is estimated to be 4-6 weeks after that.

And I finally got the quote and a proof from the manufacturer…

All in, the cost is $50 each. Payment is to me directly:

Email transfer - send funds to

Cash - you can pay me in person at any of the Tuesday rides, or happy to meet you somewhere else at another time. Mike and Jeff can also pass your cash along to me, if you see them first.

You can pay now or when the jerseys come in or any time in between, but keep in mind I have to pay for all of the jerseys up front, so it is greatly appreciated if you could pay me as soon as possible. Thanks


The jerseys have been ordered…delivery is expected to be late May or early June.

A few folks have paid already, thank you!

Would it be possible to still order these? I’d need a large. Would love to have one, sorry I missed the first order, first time logging on in a while

@rolls was wise enough to order extras. I’m guessing there is a large in there.

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@Craig_MacDonald yes there is a large available. It’s all yours. Payment options are above.

FYI you are the middle rider in that silhouette pic we used on the jerseys.


Awesome, thanks!

I recognized the graphic as that group photo from Whopper, that’s why I want one badly lol.

I’ll bring cash to the group ride on May 16th (going to skip this week because of all the rain coming).

Could you bring an extra large so I can try both (if you have both). I got a little fat over the winter hehe.


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@Craig_MacDonald the shirts aren’t here yet, expecting them in late May or early June, but you can pay anytime.

I’ll set aside a large for you. You may be able to swap if another size is available at the time.

I forgot to pay for my jersey! Can i still pay for it?- j

Yes anytime. The sooner the better.


It’s an extra 50% for late payments Jessie :wink:


Okay, thanks!

Jersey idea is really cool btw

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Yeah we think so too. Thanks man!

Thanks everyone who paid up tonight, and previously, appreciate it.

We’re expecting them to ship in about 2 weeks. Yeehaw!


Just got word the jerseys are done and ready to ship…ahead of schedule!

Again, if you can pay me in advance that would be greatly appreciated.


Our jerseys just arrived and they look great!!!

I’ll have them with me on the Tuesday rides and any other group rides that I do. If you can’t make it out just get in touch and I can meet you somewhere at another time.

If you haven’t paid your $50 yet, please email transfer funds to me at or pay cash when we meetup.



They look really good!

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Gore 9:30 am ?

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@darkmyth I was just about to ask if anyone was going to Gore tomorrow. Not too wet?