ECMTB Jerseys Are Here!

The idea of an ECMTB jersey has been kicking around for a while now. It’s a great way to unify the local MTB community and also represent our tiny corner of the world when we ride elsewhere.

So after much deliberation we’ve settled on this design for our jersey (ignore the low res graphics on this mock up, the final product will be sharp).

We understand high vis orange may not be everyone’s taste, but we wanted a color that really stood out from the pack and was unlike any local shop colors. Added bonus…it will keep you safe during hunting season:)

It will be a unisex polyester running tee (no pockets or zippers) which is the most versatile and cost effective option.

We don’t have a final quote yet, but we think the cost will be somewhere in the range of $40-$60 each. As soon as we know the final cost we’ll let everyone know and arrange the payment options.

We’d like to place the order by April 30th, so please indicate what size you need in the poll below.

Yes I’d like to buy a jersey in this size:

  • 2XS
  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • 2XL
  • 3XL
  • 4XL
  • No thanks, I’m not interested

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There is a sizing chart available here.

If you’d like to buy more than one jersey in the same or different size as you’ve indicated in the poll, no problem, just leave a comment in this thread.

When you say no pockets this also includes the rear 3 pouches on most cycling jerseys?

That’s correct. Cost goes way up for cycling specific jerseys. These have 0 pockets.

We’ll order a couple extra in each of the more popular sizes so if the one you get doesn’t fit right you should be able to trade up or down.

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So, t-shirts then, not jerseys. :wink:

It’s hard to find high visual orange jerseys. I’m in! Should add a stripe or chevron on the shoulder for anyone doing trail work!


Moisture wicking jersey material, not cotton t-shirt material.

We could add a chainsaw merit badge just for you!

I still need to measure Zoe’s size, but I suspect I will be down for one for her and one for Pete.

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I was thinking you may need three stars.

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Is it loose fit on the bottom

Depends on how much beer you drink:)

It doesn’t have an elastic band at the bottom, if that’s what you mean?

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Clothing is so tricky…seems like lots of questions about the shirt style instead of graphics. I like the graphic, although I would ditch the black shoulders/sleeves. Personally I’m more into long sleeves. Have you considered a cutom option from Champion Systems. Not sure what pricing is like by comparison. After you submit the graphics they let each person choose what style clothing they want. Pretty sure its direct payment too, so you don’t have to collect funds. Just an option to consider.

I’d be way more into ECMTB socks than anything.


Best thing about the graphic is that it is honest about what we mostly do on group rides – stand around and shoot the breeze! :wink:


I’d like an extra in medium for @CyclingGirl.

I like the neon orange. Good for occasional on-road riding, and practical for hunting season.

I’m OK with short sleeves. I really like 3/4 sleeves for MTBing, though. 3/4 seems to work for most seasons, and saves a few scratches from branches on the arms.


In addition to my Large shirt, I need two 2XS shirts for Zoe and Peter.

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@bent6543 we did look into a few different companies that offer custom designs (Champion, Garneau, Atac) but we decided to go with Atac. They produced the old PedalTrout jerseys so we know what to expect from them, and their cost is reasonable.

I agree it would be great to have different types of ECMTB gear though. Perhaps we can look at that down the road.


pockets and race cut, dudez!!! i want to look like nino schurter

Good looking jersey