Ecmtb ride - the boxing day edition

~~~ boxing day ride~~~

Where: ~The gorge/p2/bird sancutary Meet at the Gorge parking lot on Gladys Porter Dr in Kentville
When: ~~~Tuesday, Dec 26th 11am ~~~
Difficulty: ~~~ beginner/intermediate ~~~

Notes: ~dress warmly~

Let’s do a day ride and a road trip! Let’s do a grand tour of the gorge/p2/bird sanctuary. Expect 20+ km ride with a couple pubs open to serve us post ride…maybe even some axe throwing!

Weather pending of course…

  • Going, see you there!
  • Wish I could, maybe next time.
  • Maybe, I’ll let you know.

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Meet at the Gorge parking lot?

Yes! At the end of Gladys Porter Drive

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Too bad, can’t make it till 2pm but do my best to be there. And from what I’ve heard from a very reliable Intel is there’s gonna be a Beer and Axe throwing afterparty? Would this gonna be the ECMTB ultimate X-mas party? :grin:


There is a strong possibility…

Canada plays their first game in the world juniors starting at 5 or 6 too!

Is anyone in the halifax/Truro and surrounding area willing to carpool? I’d love to make it out but it’s a bit of a drive
I could meet the other driver at their nearest highway exit

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I may be able to, depending on when you want to be there. I probably in town tonight, but leaving Hali hopefully about 730 if I do stay in town.

Any ideas on how icy the trails will be after all that rain and the sudden drop in temperatures? Just wondering if I should fight to get my studded tires on…

I do not know for sure. I’ve been in Halifax all day but studs wouldn’t hurt. But fattie should be ok

Man I would love to test out the new rubber/carbide at this ride but sadly I think I’ll be in Amherst tomorrow. If anyone is looking for a Wednesday ride hit me up.

There is definitely some crunchy snow down here, so I expect some ice patches but I would say that studs are not necessary.


On my way down, may be a few minutes late.

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Great ride guys! Conditions were perfect.

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