ECMTB/Sportwheels Weekly MTB Ride - 10 Feb 2015

With all this snow down things are dicey but lets give Wrandees a try. Hopefully, the main dog walker section is well trampled.

Time: 7pm
Where: Long Lake Parking lot

Charge your lights and dress warm.

See you there.

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If the weather is good I shall be making the trip.

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Hope the weather turns out good for you Riderx. Spider is too soft for biking, just had a look.

Think I’ll throw the snowshoes in the car just in case the trails are not rideable tonight.

You can stomp ahead of us!

Thanks for the update. I might bring my snowshoes (in addition to the bike).

I can bring the old military style extra set as well.


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Think I will go to Shubie tonight with a few other guy’s at 7 (Fairbanks Center) if anyone on this side interested.

Bring boots!

Is it not rideable? I’m probably going to be a couple mom late.