ECMTB/Sportwheels Weekly MTB Ride - Dec 23rd

Since we are so close to Christmas we are going to do something a little different this week.

Let’s ride a trail we haven’t ridden in a long time…First
Lake/Second Lake. We can also hop on the road and do a tour of
Christmas lights as well as 'tis the season. After the ride let’s grab a
bite at Kingtown for some yummy chinese food.

We can meet at the Sackville Sports Stadium in the far part of the parking lot.
Basically, go as far right as you can once you get in the lot.

When: Tuesday December 23rd 7pm
Where: First Lake/Second Lake meet at Sackville Sports Stadium

Please remember a rear light as we will be riding around on the road for a short bit.


I’ll be there with bells on :slight_smile:

I’m in. No bells though.

Fun times. What was the count? 10, 12 maybe?

The best part was when w stopped to make changa tea and whittle a pipe at the half way point.

(trolling the @Fatman, lol)