ECMTB/Sportwheels Weekly MTB Ride Dec 2nd

Here we are, ready for another ride. We were talking after last week’s ride and decided we should hit up Shubie Park. There is some ‘new’ singletrack we are going to try to find.

Let’s meet at the parking lot by the theatres at the end of Shubie Drive.

When: December 2nd, 7:00pm

Where: Shubie Park, Parking lot at end of Shubie Drive, by the theatres

PS it’s going to be chilly so dress appropriately, and charge your lights!

I`ll be there and I have a good spare light if anyone needs one.

I can’t make it, but let me know if you find the “new” stuff.

it’s called secret single track for a reason, sounds like you might need a guide.

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A guide is always good!

It’s not too hard to find… checked it out with a buddy a couple of weeks ago…

Unfortunately I can’t make it, but I was just at The Bike Pedaler and Marc told me roughly were the trails are, and I think I understood where he was talking about. Regardless, good luck finding the trails guys!

It was brisk to say the least so we opted not to ride down to the other end of the lake.

Instead, @darkmyth took the lead and we did some loops and single track connectors throughout Shubie. It was a blast. Some nice little cuts in there if you know where they are.

Thanks to @darkmyth for another awesome tour.

I really don’t like missing rides…but glad it was a good one!