ECMTB/Sportwheels Weekly Ride - 3 Mar 2015

It’s still too messy to get a proper ride in so lets contribute to the solution and go stomp some trails.

Where: Wrandees parking at Exhibition Park entrance. (on the left as you enter)

When: 7:00pm

I have two sets of military style aluminum snowshoes I can lend if you need them. Just call dibs so I know to bring them.

See you there!

Just curious… is this going to be a @JeffV goes for a walk in the snow type thing?

I should be out. What about @Rolls ?

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Fyi… the pipeline loop is ridable.

A bit more snow to come but the base is solid underneath and will be good to go in no time.

Sweet! I rode in Wolfville at the Reservoir park. Looking forward to hitting up a few trails in Hali next Mon/Tues.