ECMTB Trail Work - Tue Apr 6th at 6:30pm

Given how wet it’s been lately, we are going to swap our weekly ride for some trail work this week. We will be short on daylight so we’ll go after the low hanging fruit… opening up some drains on the Attic and Lou’s Basement. Note the earlier start time.

Bring your own tools - mattocks, picks and shovels would be best.

Where: McIntosh Run - meet at the Alabaster Way cul de sac

If you plan to attend, please indicate above that you are going and ensure your profile has the Member Name and Emergency Contact fields filled in.


I don’t have any useful trail building tools, but if there are extra tools or non-tool jobs, I’ll happily come out to help.

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I’m sure there will be a few extra tools.

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Not 100% sure if I can make it yet. If I do I have a couple shovels, Pick, gravel rake and a pike for manipulating large rocks


Don’t forget safety glasses, there will be some granite smashing going on.

Hmmmm wonder if cordless sds chipper… it’s only a small one but could be handy for breaking

We weren’t planning on smashing any granite tonight, save that for a weekend when we have more time and daylight.

We were just going to take a walk around to do some spring cleaning like open up some drains, replace rock markers that have been moved, etc. But we can decide when we get there.


Tonight’s plan.


How long were you holding on to that gem, Lol!


Lots of good work tonight, thanks everybody!


We missed this, @kaarin, but attendance for this volunteer build was:
@rolls - Derek Rolls
@Jetter - Jamison Etter
@darkmyth - Shawn Skelhorn
@jeffv - Jeff Vienneau
@Rockhopper - Eric Sullivan
@CyclingGirl - Janet Sullivan
@nige - Nigel Jackson
@shadowfox70 - Jess Ian Castilo
@IanM_MTB Ian McGrath
@Joanna - Joanna McIntyre
@ksue - Kevin Sue
@Goose - James Gosselin
@camurray - Catherine-Anne Murray
@NickW - Nick Wilson
@chrisml - Chris M.

2.5 hours on site.

Thanks everyone!


Missing @chrisml for 2.5. And the new guy Tyler.

Thanks, @Goose.

Does new guy tyler have a login?

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You would know better than I. Having that info. He has signed up in just the last few weeks.

Danny D. Was there too. He hasn’t signed up here though.


Wow! What a big crew. Keeping these amazing trails that way. Good work everyone.

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