ECMTB Weekly Mountain Bike Rides

Our Weekly Mountain Bike Rides have been happening on Tuesday evenings for over 10 years now. The fun continues this year.

Everyone is welcome! There are no fees, or memberships necessary. We ride a variety of trails trying to change it up every week. We post the location a day or so beforehand.

You also get a discount at Sportwheels Sports-Excellence and get an automatic invite to the party of the year at my cottage in the fall.


Sorry to revive this old topic… does Sportwheels still give a discount to ECMTB members? Do I just need to ask for it as an ECMTB member?

Not to my knowledge. I will drop a line to Jeff Mayhew to be sure and see what he has to say.

I always mention it and they give me the discount. I think its 10% off parts


I have a card in my wallet that I show and still get a discount at Sportwheels.