ECMTB Weekly Ride - 11 Aug 2015

Let’s ride Powder Mill Lake this week, we haven’t been there in a while and it should be fun to change it up a bit.

Where: Powder Mill Lake (Google Maps)

When: 7pm

See you there!

The ride is open to everyone and it is free, however, if this is your first time riding with us please fill in the “Member Name” part of your login. We need to keep a list of attendees for insurance purposes.

I have never been here. How beginner friendly are these trails? I am looking to get my wife out for a ride soon.

If I recall correctly it is a slick rock climb at points so it is not as friendly as MacDonald Sport Park.

Assuming it is still on, I’m going to try to make it out for this ride tonight. This will be my first ECMTB ride. I’d consider myself an intermediate level rider who has been out of the sport for some time.

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I’ll be there too!

Leaving Kentville now…

I’m hearing there was a good turnout last night. Good to hear. Sorry I missed it.

It was a fun ride. I hadn’t been there yet this year and the trails were in great shape.

Just for inventory purposes: .@riderx, .@jetter, .@Mutant_Merino, .@xaero, .@Matt_Thomson, and @dirthound

What is Bernies handle on the site?

Bernie is the only one missing from that list (don’t know his username either) except for @rolls who made an appearance at the end of the ride.

Sorry I couldn’t stay and chat, had my little guy with me and had to get home