ECMTB Weekly Ride - 19 May 2015

Just to get people introduced to a different way in to Whopper, let’s enter from Lakeside Industrial park.

The exact route will be decided in the parking lot. Could be Farside, could be a scenic tour of the destruction zone.

When: Tuesday May 19th @ 7:00 pm
Where: Whopper - COKE PLANT Trail head on Lakeside Park Dr.

See you there!

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We came late. Saw lots of cars but only one other rider. We went right on the powerlines to check out the Whopper clearcutting. The group must have gone left on Flipside. How dis the ride go?

We did, sorry @Rockhopper.

We left at 7:05 and did flipside and then exited down by split in power lines to the BLT. We had a decent turnout @adventurer, @Rolls, @Jetter, @Dominator, @spelham, Matt and myself. The threat of rain hastened our pace. We hit the parking lot at 8:30.

@spelham bailed with a broken derailleur hanger.

How was the destruction? I’m curious how messed up the entrance and exit to Lake Loop is.

We went to the top of the hill on Whopper Main Trail. Whopper Drop itself is Ok but levelled right next to it except for a few lines of trees. Lake Loop and Suzy Q entrances and exits haven’t been touched. Rock Garden not touched. Looks like First part of Shawshank has been cleared although we didn’t go down it. We didn’t go down to Playground, but it looks like it’s been cleared to it if not over it. The trail is still easy to see and rideable. I did clear a few branches here and there to get through.

We just missed you because we arrived about 7:05. We wouldn’t have done Flipside anyway so just as well.

I had a couple of plans. One was to climb to powerline top, then descend to whopper entrance to view destruction.

We opted for flipside for the cover from the mist.