ECMTB Weekly Ride - 4 Aug 2015 (CHANGED)

The weather looks better than I thought. Let’s flip back to Whopper, bottom up.

Where: Whopper, BLT Entrance in Lakeside Industrial Park

When: 7pm

See you there!

The ride is open to everyone and it is free, however, if this is your first time riding with us please fill in the “Member Name” part of your login. We need to keep a list of attendees for insurance purposes.

Rain? I didn’t realize it was calling for rain today…

A chance of thunder showers, now:

Are you planning on being there? We could do whopper and chance it.

Whopper always works better for me.

I need to come into the city, and will try to make it, but that depends on the appointment I’m heading in for. So…a strong maybe.

Changed it back to Whopper. Sorry for the confusion. We all want a good tecky ride.

Just started getting rain here now. Boo rain. EDIT: Now it’s sunny in the valley…but could still, rain, snow or hail any moment…

No one showed. I hope no one was confused be the Whopper - MacSport - Whopper kerfuffle. Anyway, see you next Tuesday.