ECMTB Weekly Ride - 7 Jun 2016

Monday and Tuesday are calling for some dampness so this week lets ride Shubie park.Fast, fun and good for all skill levels.

Where: Shubie Park; Dartmouth crossing entrance.
When: 7pm, Tuesday.

Lights are not required. This is suitable for all skill levels although we can usually find a bit of single track in there somewhere.

See you there!

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Im down. :slight_smile: If someone has some ecmtb decals/stickers let me know. Id like to buy one, preferably with the logo

@riderx, is the sticker man.

I have a bunch now. I’ll bring them.

@Mog we don’t have any with the logo, just the letters ECMTB. Still looks sharp though.

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I will try to get some more done this week. Will price some out with logo.

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Mark me on the interested list.

Especially if it’s helping to fund anything - I’ll take a bunch.


Waiting on a free hub for my bike,if it shows up today I’ll be there… still have the Fat bike but its a bit slow on those trails

Ok sounds good. Thank you. If I am correct, they are 3.00 each or 2 for $5.00?

see you guys tonight!

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Great ride! Nice to see so many people

What was the turnout this evening.

I want to say 11?