ECMTB Weekly Ride - Apr 30th

We haven’t been to Norawarren/West Pine in a while. Come on out for a ride!

Where: Norawarren Dr.
When: Tuesday, April 30 @ 7 pm
Difficulty: Intermediate

Notes: The days are longer but bring a light just in case. If you don’t have one, someone will usually
have a spare available.

  • Yes, see you there!
  • No, wish I could.
  • Maybe, I’ll let you know.

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If you plan to attend, please indicate above that you are going and ensure your profile has the Member Name and Emergency Contact fields filled in.

It is every rider’s responsibility to know their own abilities, make smart decisions and ride safely. As a community ride we will ensure you are not left behind and as a group we know we are safer when we have others with us.

Please pay attention to the trail difficulty posted above.

Definitely planning on it. I will ensure I bring the stickers with me too.


will i be able to come without a parent…i live a 3 minute bike ride down the road and know the trail pretty well

ya I’m 14 would I need an adult

Sorry guys, but you need to be 16 with parents permission.

The ride leads are not guides or instructors and so we can’t take on the liability.

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ok thanks

Interesting, I didn’t know there was an age restriction on the rides. Makes sense from a liability standpoint.

ya it kinda sucks but i understand it

I agree, it does suck.

We are in a world where we are hyper aware of kids safety when it comes to organized events. This often results in events not happening at all.

There are programs like @rideeast and @TrailFlow provide where they offer certified MTB coaching. However, that costs money and are a limited number of sessions so may not be what someone your age wants in a weekly ride for fun.

Last year I was volunteering with the mountain biking program with my daughter’s school and it took me 4 trips to the RCMT for the background check paperwork and something like $50 of my own money. So that become a dis-incentive for volunteers with kids programs too.


Ya I understand