ECMTB Weekly Ride - Nov 3rd

For those who can’t make it this Sunday…

Corn Maze ride…meet at the parking lot for the dykes on route 358, just before Belcher Street/Port Williams. The parking lot is on the right.

This is private property, so we must park there and ride in. Charge your lights and prepare to have a blast! This is one of the few rides you’ll do so many kms in such a small area and want to keep going all night.

When: Tuesday Nov 3rd 7:15-7:30pm (a little later to allow for the travel)

Where: Corn Maze. Meet at the parking lot on route 358…directions above.

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I’m aiming to be there!

Me too, if it doesn’t rain.

@riderx how’s the weather? It looks wet down there.

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I’m in Kentville now. A little light drizzle. The ground is wet from earlier showers. Looking at the weather radar there are showers around, but not much happening in Kentville right now. The forecast is for showers until 8PM though.

I’ll be there at 7ish regardless. Otherwise, I’m planning on riding wednesday and Thursday evening as well.

I’ll plan to stay up in the Valley then and meet you at 7.


I am aiming for 7:15 so don’t leave without me!

I’m gonna pass. Might see you there tomorrow Mike.

I’ll try to get there around 19.15 too.

Change of plans, I’ll be there tonight.

Looks like I’m early :smile:

That was great! The corn stalks were a bit blown down, but still a lot of fun. For those interested, we will be another corn maze ride Wednesday and possibly Thursday evening. Just text me for details!


Thanks so much for everyone who made it down from Halifax. I know it’s a bit of a drive. I will work on having drier weather next time.

The corn maze ride is always a blast. Thanks again for putting this together.