ECMTB Weekly - Trail Build?! at MRWA - 19 Jun 2018


Yeah - is there any reason not to do this? I will be able to get there 20 mins late


I’ve ridden to some, and sometimes it’s a bit too tough to try riding to the location. And if you have to carry in tools (like we did tonight), riding wouldn’t likely be safe. Also, many people aren’t comfortable biking in the clothes they’d use for building.

I think once tools are cached, and as we get deeper into the trail systems, you’ll see more people riding in. I’ve done it before and didn’t find it too bad.


Fantastic turnout. Thanks everyone for coming out.


MRWA needs names… we counted 13.
@darkmyth Shawn Skelhorn
@JeffV Jeff Vienneau
@Jetter Jamison Etter
@Rolls Derek Rolls
@adventurer Russell Deveau
@damsam Sam Donaldson
@IanMHFX Ian McGrath
@RealC Real Comeau
@TravisA Travis Amour
@Andre Andre Vermette
@shadowfox70 Jessie Castolo
@CyclingGirl Janet Sullivan
13? Some dude from neighbourhood?

Big Thanks Everyone!!!


Congrats! Future Trail Digger is an awesome name!


Or Digger Bowlrat