eFatbikes - A growing segment

e-Fatbikes - Shoe 'em Some Love

They seem pretty propular in Europe and are trickling over here. Having a e-bike I can vouch that they are fun . . . but should it be on a fatbike?

mopeds are lame!

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There is definitely a lot of folks asking about ebikes in general, but I find that once they hear the price of a quality ebike they get scared.

Yes, you can get motors from overseas or from old lawn mowers, but there are issues with that method as well.

There is a segment of bikes available that have a motor and a lot of mountain bike parts making up a very light (comparitively speaking) vehicle capable of accessing mtb trails and has the power of a motorbike. They aren’t cheap either.

+1 Motors should run on pie (savoury or sweet, doesn’t matter), not coal, dudez!