Elbow pads

Anyone have elbow pads they want to part with?

They are very hard to find in town. I looked extensively last summer after taking 8 stitches (yet again) in my right elbow. Ideal bikes was the only place that had anything. I even tried skateboard shops but I was only interested in something with a low profile I settled on a pair of Troy Lee Designs. They don’t have adjustable straps so that makes it hard to get them over a jacket sleeve or even a long sleeved jersey. I plan on picking up a better pair in a trip to the States in a couple of months

Are you looking for the elbow/forearm protectors of just elbow? I have a tendency to bang my forearms off trees from time to time so I opted for the full protection.

You can get roller blade protection kits fo cheap, maybe check that route…

I’m looking for something used cause i use them once a year at Sugar Loaf :slight_smile: Otherwise i’d just internet some.

Noticed these for sale in NS… no affiliation with the seller…


I’m using some 661 elbow and knee pads that were pretty cheap- under $30 if I recall… light weight, stay in place and absorb some pretty good impacts.

Thanks. I’ll see if they have em still!