Electronic Rear suspension

What do you think? Would you go for it?
fox electronic suspension

When is all this going to stop? Why can’t we just pedal our bikes and stop trying to make the ride easier? Maybe we should just pave all the trails so we can drive our cars on them

I can’t speak for everyone but I like the challenge of the a ride not being too easy

That was cranky wasn’t it?


LOL…yes, but awesome response!

No thanks on the e-bikes…one more thing to break and sent back to the manufacturer for servicing. Keep bikes mechanical and bring back user serviceability for forks and rear shocks.

While I can appreciate the engineering involved and the advantages that it would provide to a racer, I don’t see myself needing the complexity (plus I don’t have a mechanic that does all my work for me!). I would like a remote for my rear shock at times because reaching down to flip the lever to engage my shocks pedaling platform is a pain the arse. The fork is a lot easier as I can see where I’m supposed to reach to grab the lockout or the travel adjust.


Only if I can hack it.

Reading this again, two thoughts come to mind.

  1. once the pro racers start using them it will be cool.
  2. more convenient if it could generate the electricity it needs from the action of the shock so it does not need batteries.

I deal with electronics and software all day. One of the things I appreciate about bikes is the mechanical engineering. To me these things are beautiful. (I’m not much of a minimalist. I like full suspension but do run a 1x10.)

However, if there was a little micro controller in the shock harvesting power and moving needle vales into the right position just in time to stop pedal bob or me from launching over bars. I would be OK with that.