Empire or victoria park

Have a bit of time off next week. Thinking about a little road trip. Empire or victoria park? Havent tried either
Opinions comments?

The answer is yes! I find Empire easier to navigate bit maybe it’s because I know it so well from racing there. Look up the race loop on Strava from this year and ride that a couple of times. Truro has more Easy trails in the Railyard and is generally more buff but there are still some techy trails too. Both systems are great fun so you really can’t go wrong.


I’m gonna go vic park. Home trails for me. More to ride a good mix of trails, and it’s been well maintained this year. Full time trail crew.


Both are mad fun. Both would be more enjoyable with a tour guide if you can scare one up it would tip the balance in choice and make for a more fluid ride. Gore is more raw than Truro while Truro can be a real rats nest of smaller trails with lots of intersections.
If you go to Truro find trash talking and ride it down not up. If you go to gore ride counter clockwise down hurricane and the bye high


Yeh thats one of my concerns. Getting lost lol.
Trailforks GPS pretty accurate? Never really used it on the trail.
Just to find the head

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@DEBO Trailforks is accurate at Empire and Victoria as far as the trail mapping is concerned so you wont get lost. There might be a few goat paths or hiker shortcuts not on the map in Victoria but generally they aren’t that fun to ride anyway.

@darkmyth is right though, a guide is best for the first couple of rides because of multiple intersections at both places knowing which way the trails flow the best and how to link up the fun routes makes both places so much better. Otherwise it might feel like all you’re doing is climbing all day and that is lame.


Thanks guys. Ill take that into consideration.
Dont really have any buddies the mtb. I just got back into it the last couple years. So im the vet in my crew lol

When are you going?

Not 100% but im thinking about heading up tuesday morning

If I’m not tied to work I’m on to tour you around vic park. All work depandant.

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I found the signage at empire excellent with a map at almost every trail fork.
I found Vic park well signed but recommend having the trailforks map on your phone to find what you want if you’re riding solo

Right on TheGOAT. Yes im work dependant aswell. Also i wanna sure the weather’s gonna be decent.
Ill let u know a little closer to tuesday if im gonna head out for sure

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Thanks for the heads up on finding trash talking. Great run to start the day


Had the pleasure of riding empire for the first time today. What a blast!
Happen to run into a few empire vets that made the trip awsome. If u guys are part of this group thanks again fellas!


Ah that was you today. We did Victoria park yesterday and Empire today. Glad we could be a help at Empire.