Epic HRM Trail Ride

It would be a sweet ride, for sure. I am still looking at doing this sometime in the not-so-distant future… Stay tuned!

Just a though for now, in the planning stages.

I’m thinking of parking at the Dingle, ride out to Whopper on the new multitrail, ride Whopper and do the Lake Loop, head back down and go around one side of Long Lake/Wrandee’s, ride over to the Herring Cove side of Fight Trail, and ride that through over to Purcell’s Cove road, riding back out to the Dingle Park to collect the cars. Might include some Subway/Tim’s somewhere in the middle. Anyone interested in something like this at some point in time?

After some positive banter on the club forum for the shop, it looks like this may start to shape up sometime soon…

If the weather holds after Christmas, I MAY pre-ride it on Wednesday. I’ll probably take the GPS and see how it shapes up for time and distance, just to give people an idea what they will be in for. I’ll let you all know.

Though the last post was late december, I ask if you are still up to this. HRM mtb rides would be great =)