Essential services

So I am in what is considered an essential service as an automotive technician. As such I am still one of those who is going to work every day. I get to see a little bit more of what’s going on then those of you who have been working from home or have been home for any number of reasons. It’s a surreal experience driving to work each day with such light traffic And few people about. We are certainly not busy and there has been lay offs. Cars break and people need them as much now as ever I get that but it still surprises me that some people will risk their health and possibly their lives for.
There still seems to be a percentage of people that seem to feel none of this applies to them.
We are doing what we can to protect ourselves but most trust in others that they will do the same for us.
I can’t imagine what the true front line folks are experiencing in health care and even the heavy traffic retailers like the grocery stores.

I guess I just want to thank all of those who are out there working those front line jobs and providing the basics for the rest of us. These are the truly essential people.


Agreed, I’m also still going into work. I’ve personally been conflicted about bringing my car into my local shop for some work. I certainly want to minimize unnecessary exposure to both parties and could probably push it another month or so,however an having an issue with it further down the road when the Covid situation is worse could be quite problematic.
Less important (for me)is that I’ve got some bikes that could use some TLC and I currently don’t have the time to work on them. I would certainly like to support my LBS as they are probably feeling the financial strain, however again I want to minimize exposure to both parties.


Hey fix your car if you have a legitimate problem it’s folks that come in for cosmetic shit and frivolous issues I have a problem with.
As far as bike work Halifax cycle is open to do repairs you can call them to make arrangements that works for you and I’m damm sure they would appreciate the business


We have a car that’s going back at the end of its lease in mid April (not replacing it–yay bikes!), and I’m interested to see how they’ll handle it given that the sales side of the business is completely shut down.

I’ve gone in to our office a few times to pick up the mail (we still get paid via cheque for a good chunk of our work), and it’s wild. The building is a complete ghost town. My entire team is working remotely, which is easy for us as we’ve never even met most of our clients, so they’re used to dealing with us remotely anyway. Held a virtual happy hour with the whole group last Friday and it was great to see everyone together. We have a group of people that legitimately enjoy being together and collaborating, so that part of things has been the hardest.

Hopefully this is over by summer, but honestly, I’m skeptical.


Bike pedaler has a very minimal/ no contact drop off service system still going as far as I know!


No affiliation with @velofix, but they are a great option for minimizing your exposure because they can come to you. I had them swap out a blown freehub for me last week on short notice. Excellent service.


Went to bike pedlar yesterday for an 18” tire. They take all the right precautions. I considered this quite essential as the girls burn off a lot of energy around the house on their bikes. Took a tire right to the canvas with the skidding. :+1:


Of all the skidmarks kids can make, these are the preferred kind…