Ever had a bike rack stolen?


Posting this because my spouse made an odd comment to me when I was unloading my bike this morning from my trunk-mounted bike rack. As I was getting my bike ready, she said “Hope nobody steals that rack…” (Context: it’s a second-hand Saris Bones, and I’ve started taking my bike into the city to finish my commute to work instead of walking). This is my first day leaving the car unattended with the rack installed. The car is parked in what I’d consider a fairly safe area, so up to this point I never really gave it any thought… but the comment certainly got me thinking…

Should I be concerned that somebody might walk off with my bike rack? Has anybody here ever had one stolen? Or am I just being paranoid?


Never had one stolen, but at $600 bucks it’s a concern. I lock it to the hitch.


Same here, the thought has crossed my mind when I’ve had other racks (including a really nice Kuat). My current Thule has a locking pin, which should keep the honest thieves at bay for a few minutes longer than the really skilled less-honest thieves. :rofl:


I’ve been watching the Lock Picking Lawyer youtube shows.

Mind blowing.


After watching a few of his videos I may never bother buying a lock again. Crazy


Especially liked the one where he picked a gun lock with a twig.


Wow! That is crazy how easy it is to pick certain locks.

Locks are only a deterrent for a right place, right time sort of theif. If someone wants your stuff bad enough and has the time, they will get it, weather it takes picking a lock, cutting a lock, etc.