Evil Birch

The Evil Birch trail is a trail system in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

need good description

Skill Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Trail Head::Chain Lake Dr

Trail Forks: Evil Birch


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Not sure this is the best place to ask but…

Is there any way to access this trail other than by parking along route 102, which seems like a good way to get a ticket? I’m wondering if the quarry is closed on weekends / evenings and it’s possible to ride in from Kearney Lake Road. I also saw mention of a hiking trail from Chain Lake Drive, but I have no idea if that is rideable.

We always park on the side of the highway and rid around the top rim of the Quarry to get to the trail head. No one has ever bothered us

@Ghost from what I’ve heard that hiking trail is not rideable, but you can park in Bayers Lake and ride the 102 shoulder about 2km to the trailhead.

I live on a Kearney lake rd and rode all the way through the quarry (to where I believe Evil Birch starts) several times, seems like on weekends and evenings quarry is closed, one time I passed a working dump truck, waved to the driver, he didn’t seem bothered.
I’m new to the area and eager to ride some trails, but don’t want to get out there on my own, give me a shout if some of you guys getting out to Evil Birch and don’t mind semi skilled rider to tag along.

Thanks for the info guys. I’ll keep that in mind if I get out there Dominator.

Hey @Dominator we do a group ride every Tuesday night at 7, year round and we try to hit a different trail each week. It’s open to everyone at all skill levels. The location will be posted on this site every week.

Hope to see you out on the trails.

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Watch out
Some of the bridges in low lying areas of the Evil Birch are starting to break due to rot.
One snapped as I was crossing it, had to pull the whole thing to the side.

Is this trail obvious from the start. Would like to check it out.

Trail head can be easy to miss, here’s a map:



Here’s a strava track of a ride where @jetter and I rode in from the kent parking lot:


Is parking at Kent and riding along the highway still the best way in here? I’ve never given this one a shot simply because of how you have to get in.

Was thinking of heading there tomorrow. It’s one of the only trails in HRM that I’ve yet to ride.

PS: If anyone wants to join up let me know. I’m game anytime in the afternoon tomorrow. I need to be finished riding by 3pm.

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Park at the small lot close to Kearney Lake and the 102. Ride thru the quarry to the trailhead.


Note, the actual entrance into the trails can be difficult to spot.

On the far side of the quarry you will see a trail that heads up a steep hillside just off the quarry perimeter road.

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There’s a sat image if you scroll back to Dec 2015 of this thread

@JonMacD I was going to go again today, but I need to do some work on my bike instead, and manage athletes at a track meet in the afternoon. If you’re going tomorrow, I’d be happy to show you what I know.

Unfortunately I’m tied up at work for the afternoon but would be interested in riding after supper…

Did you went? @JonMacD I am avail now i leave just around the area ping me up or if I’m not lazy bum I might go for ridin.

I didn’t end up going there today. I’ve got a wedding to go to this evening now. Another time though!

@IanM_MTB, I’ll probably be a bit hung-over from said wedding above ^ :beer::grin:. I’m just going to take er easy tomorrow.

Thanks guys

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