Evil Birch

I was just wondering about the access issue. Is anyone riding here?

I know a few people who have been in there lately with no issues, and several more I’ve seen on Strava.

Still the best way is to enter from the highway, though.

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I’ve actually never been there but it sounds like a great ride. Where do you park when you access it from the highway and is the entrance here easy to find?

You can park at Kent and head down alongside the highway. Once in the quary, take note of the entrance on someones strava because it can be hard to spot.

The shoulder has changed due to construction, but here’s the best route off the highway. Screenshot_20180614-213200


You can park off of the shoulder on the inbound side where the sign was.

Very helpful. Thanks.

its hard now to park as they have cleared that side and lowered shoulder drainage with low ground clearance car, best is park at costco and bike it up towards that highway shoulder entrance.

I wouldn’t want to try it in my Jetta, but I did see someone in there with an old Hyundai last week.