Exciting changes proposed for The Giro D'Italia

There was talk of doing the Tour in North America too. Theres a
lot of Idea Hampsters out there with a lot of money. Nothing ever
comes of it.

The Giro with an American twist. It could be exciting and generate some more North American fans.
I would watch it if I had TV. But I am already a fan so I guess it’s not me thatthey are targeting.

I agree with the detractors, its a stupid idea.

No TV, eh? I have a small 14’ I can lend you.

haha… thanks for the offer Randy, but I was a little misleading. We do have a TV, we just don’t have any signal going into it… nothing but snowey static here.

You know the more I think of it the more I tend to agree with you. It could possibly ruin a historical event to taint it with Americanistic (if that really is a word) influence.

Does cycling of this calibre really need this type of exposure?

I look at it as a desperate attempt to engage fans that are not really there… at the expense of the athletes.

if you look at popular American sports, basketball, football, basketball… even hockey is not as popular in the US as canada… they are all quck paced and fairly high scoring… (more footbal and basketball) quick paced affairs

a tour is a long drawn out event that takes days of tactics to properly position and strategize…even soccer is not popular in America or even Canada and is a very tactical game… there is some beauty in a nil nil game