Fat bike fenders

What are you using as a fat bike fendor? I’m torn, I want something to keep slush off me but don’t want something bulky that will clog up with snow in the woods on bigger rides. Any suggestions of removable or low profile fenders to keep slush off me?

I just use a regular MTB fender on mine, that came with my Hunt wheels. It’s just wide enough to cover the tire and has a front part too.

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I have front and rear Beaver Guards (https://beaverguardfatbike.com/). Can’t comment on how well they work because they have been sitting on my workbench for about two years now. Maybe this year I will find the five minutes to put them on. lol


Maybe this year I will find the five minutes to put them on

Starting to see a pattern here.

I run the Beaver Guard ones on my fat bike. They do make some difference, but those big tires still grab a lot of water/slush/etc, so it’s not a be all, end all solution. I also have one down by the bottom bracket, in front of the back tire. It seems to be effective at keeping the snow/slush/water away from the bottom bracket in an attempt to extend its life.


i got these, and like em.

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I feel that’s the style I will end up with. You running anything up front?

there is a matching downtube style one. they work well for the wet rides, ya still get your feet wet though if you are runnin through puddles :slight_smile:

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Thats the ones that came on my fatty and it works great

-“borrow” a crazy carpet
-sharpie marker
-zip ties
-scissors/utility knife
-something to punch holes with


I have a German brand, I can’t think of the name but I got it when I worked at Cyclesmith.
It’s pretty solid though and will work with up to 5 inch wide tyres.

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SKS is the brand

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I got one of those basic plastic fenders sized for a fat tire. Beaver guard was the brand I think? Works well enough for trail rides. I have one of those axiom rear fenders but it bounces around and looks dorky so I don’t use it. If you want real protection get a mudhugger fathugger