Fat Biking Trails - What’s Available?

Hey All!

We are new to the HRM area having arrived from Northern Ontario. We are avid fat bikers in the winter and we’re wondering what trails exist in the area, and are there those that have groomed trails? I see that the Railyard in Truro has groomed trails. Where do you all ride in winter?

All recommendations appreciated! Hope to see you out there.


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Welcome to NS!

Irishman’s Road Trails and Smiley’s Provincial Park have been groomed for fatbiking over the last few winters. Those and Railyard are the only trails that I can recall have been groomed for biking.

However, a lot of us ride all the local nongroomed trails in the winter. Many of us have ridden for years on nonfat studded tires on the local trails. Spider Lake is quite popular in the winter. Wrandees mostly gets ridden in the winter - it’s pretty rough and lots of dog poo in the other seasons. Nine Mile, the trail I work on most, gets lots of fatbike use in winter - and the old woods road is quite fun when all the big water holes are frozen over.


Thanks so much! I look forward to checking out your recommendations. So far we’ve been enjoying the mountain biking and gravel/road riding. Can’t wait for it to snow!!

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There was talk of grooming maybe happening in the valley (kentville area) in the past, but not sure if it is going to happen or not.

I’ve also heard rumblings of Gore doing some grooming as well.

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The goal is to have fat biking on this CNS initiative.