Fat tubes

Obviously I’m behind on the times (as usual). Does anyone know where to find Fat Bike tubes with Schrader valves locally in the HRM area?
Failing that, how about presta valved fat tubes and one of those adapter sleeves to keep them from wiggling around in a Schrader rim hole?
Failing that, how about Schrader tubeless valves? (I already have sealant and gorilla tape).

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Last one I got was from Cyclesmith last year, not sure if they have stock

Nothing in 26inch bike sizes at cyclesmith in either valve type, only 27.5

If going tubeless, I recommend either Fatty Stripper or a homemade version of it. I run it on my fat bike and haven’t had a problem with it in the two or three years I’ve been using it.

I’d cover the larger valve hole with some tape and use the Presta valves, personally. :man_shrugging:t3:

I likely have extra fatty strips I could sell if you’re interested.

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Says I got a couple of these left in stock


I picked one up at sportwheels month ago or so
. It was about $10 cheaper than what cyclesmitb had them for.


ended up finding some Kenda 26 x4.0 Schrader tubes on a Canadian Tire run. Couldn’t seem to find any anywhere else.

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For a minute I thought you were going to be running the tubes . . . then I reread. Going tubeless. I run “regular” mtb tubes in all my fatties. Cuts a LOT of weight.