Fatbike Clip - Excellent Quality


So, I’m watching this and I’m thinking that I’d like to try a Fat bike. But then I notice the trails he’s riding are smoother than most of the stuff we ride here on a regular basis in the summer. The trail is also very well groomed. Not far off from the trails in Spider after a few kind souls have snowshoed them down and we ride our normal mountain bikes on them.

I still want to try a fat bike, yes. But, with the exception of blazing trail in fresh powder, it’s really just a want and not a need for the climate in HRM. I can see how it would be advantageous in some other places in the Atlantic Provinces though.

What are your thoughts?

The only place I’ve ridden a fatbike was at Long Lake/Wrandees in late December/early January. It was a blast and went anywhere I pointed it.

I see riding it in places that aren’t yet trails. Like snow filled logging roads, or 4 wheeler trails that normal tires too easily fall thru.

Yeah, I want one bad still.

After going to fat tires set up tubeless and low pressure I can only imagine how great a real fatbike would be.

The look cool and all but the reality is that a fat bike is a niche bike and it is tough to justify the cost for the average rider. After dropping many thousands of $$$$ on our “regular” rides it is hard to justify the cost of such a niche bike. I would definitely love to have one but until these damn kids are through University I have to be content with my Trek.

I must say I would ride every inch that the fat bike covered on my 26" x 2.35 Nevegals. Snow riding is, without a doubt, my favorite type of riding. When you are in the woods, at night, during a snowfall, it is like you are the only person on Earth. It is very cool. Bring on the snow and the -10 degree temps I say!

No one has hung up the bike yet have they? You can easily ride 52 weeks of the year…

ummm…sorry…what was this thread about?..Fat Bikes…LOVE 'EM!!! Wish I could justify buying one.