Favorite trail feature?

Something to ponder… if you had to choose just one, what would your favorite trail feature or trail section be? On an east coast trail and beyond.

It’s a tough question… might speak to what we like in trails.

Wow that’s a tricky one because on different days different sections of trail can be fun or not fun. I think it’s really the combination of sections on a trail that make it great. I really enjoy variability; roots, rocks,up, down, bermed, off camber, smooth, rough, flat, steep, fast, slow. The most fun rides have all of those features and more. I get bored if a trail is to monotone.

That’s not choosing just one. Good thing to think about while I shovel compost today.

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The big granite rollers on the way to Suzies lake come to mind.

Also there is a section of Sweet Severn at Fitz where the trail crosses the ATV double track during a descent. Fast and sketchy with loose rocks that really wakes you up.

At evil birch there is a granite downhill section that leads up to a 2’ wooden kicker gap that continues downhill to a chicken wire ladder bridge step up. Really fun to ride.


Any one that doesn’t have ice on it!

That’s a great spot The Plumber… I haven’t been there in a couple years but that was definitely one of my favourite spots on the trail.

My favorite trail feature are the trails that have some nice pump sections with turns and roots, Scoliosis and some trails within the Gorge fit that discription

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I think that Garney’s Up and Garney’s Down at Irishman’s Rd is my favorite section of trail that I ride on a regular basis. Am I crazy to think an uphill is my favorite trail feature? It’s a technical punchy climb followed by a mixed bag down with roots, rocks, humps, rough, smooth and fast. You have to know the good line to really get the most from it.

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flow, period. no pun intended. all my favorite trails have flow. you most be able to ride the whole trail as a complete work. places like gore come to mind where there is a rhythm and tempo to the ride.

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Yeah, flow is lacking in HRM.

My fav trail is Hillsborough in Moncton. It has some killer climbs followed by some sweet flowy DH, a couple tech sections and there is enough mileage to make a good, long day of it.

It has parking and is located close to local eateries, and corner stores.

Great cycling community on top of it!


@riderx road trip?

Hell yes!

don’t forget the white singletrack in the gypsum and the bra and panties.

The descent that leads to the lake crossing at Fight Trail. A great section in itself, but even better considering all of the technical riding leading up to it…

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This drop. So rewarding. Right at the end of a sweet, steep, tech DH. Last feature on the trail. Such a great finisher.


Second place is this nearly flat gap. 20’ out only maybe 2’ down. Again last feature on the run, another great wrap up.



Bonus points for the pictures and that you probably built them. That second one looks fun.

@Pepperjester where are those two pictures taken? that trail looks fun

Fun trails indeed! Those pics are from a private DH trail system in The Valley.

Berms. I love railing berms on corners. Not too many on the trails around here, though.

Also, probably some of the funnest features I’ve ridden are the “T-trails” at Kingdom Trails (i.e. Tap and Die, Troll Stroll and Tody’s Tour). My favorite sections of those trails run up and down the sides of gulleys that run down hill. You have to carry speed up one side of the gulley, corner and turn down, rolling up the other side, and turning down again.

Here’s Tap and Die (not my GoPro): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6qZBTwZUQg . The section I’m talking about starts at 3:00. The video flattens things out a bit - it doesn’t capture how high up the sides of the gulley you go.

Here’s Troll Stroll (again not my GoPro): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqFAK7ckVZQ . There are some nice berms at the start of the trail. They made use of terrain to create a tall corner berm at 0:25. I tried to get as high as I could on that one just for fun when I rode it.

I’m with bent though, I like a variety. I often choose a trail based on my mood. Am I looking for flow, rock drops and rolls, or rooty tech trail?